LFT 2024 Berlin - Brandenburg

We are celebrating the 50th LFT at a lake in Berlin-Brandenburg and it will be a festival!

A Femmage to the founders and participants of the LFT with the motto MOVEMENT.

Friday, May 17th - Monday, May 20th, 2024

We invite all lesbians who are connected to the LFT or want to get to know it and celebrate with us.

It is a nationwide lesbian meeting that has been taking place at Pentecost since 1974 and where lesbians from all over the world are guests.

It is accessible for lesbians with disabilities.

As with every LFT, a mixture of politics, art, culture, sport and party is on the program in 2024.

Unlike before, our lesbian spring meeting has a festival feel - we want to spend 3 days and nights together with all participants. At Werbellinsee in Brandenburg we have rented a site with 600 beds, breakfast + full kitchen, workshop and plenary rooms, barbecue areas, cinema, disco and space for stands. There is a beach and sports equipment that we can use.

Tickets are only available in advance and the number of places is limited to 600. The entrance fee includes the LFT program, accommodation and meals.

A participation fee of an average of 300,-€ is required in order to cover the costs of the LFT. If you can pay more than 300,-€ that's great - so lesbians who can reasonably pay less can take part in the festival.

For sleeping there are mainly rooms with 3 - 6 beds, some 2-bed rooms and barrier-free rooms, as well as space for tents and mobile homes. Please indicate your wishes or needs for the rooms when registering. You are also welcome to book as a group of friends. This simplifies the room layout.

Support us in making a great 50th anniversary LFT possible for all lesbians!

Advance sales begin. You can register under Anmeldung or via eMail: anmeldung@lft2024.de.

Further information follows. For initial questions email: info@lft2024.de

We are young and old lesbians from different backgrounds, involved in culture, politics, sports, social issues and more.

Warm wishes from the organizing team LFT2024